6 Ways to Improve League of Legends


League of Legends (LoL) is a game played by millions around the globe. Just last year it was officially given the title of the most played PC game in the world, but as with everything, there are always ways to improve and grow. This list details but a few changes and additions Riot can make to LoL that would make the game that much more enjoyable and accessible.

1Completely rework the client


One only has to look to the likes of Reddit to see the massive demand for a LoL client rework. The current client feels extremely clunky and generally poorly designed. Riot has been extremely active in updating and maintaining many facets of the overall LoL experience, but unfortunately, the client is not one of these.

Here are only a few examples of specific changes or additions that would greatly improve the usability of the client:

  • Unify the client application and game application. For those unaware, LoL runs two applications: the client application (which allows you to join game queues, add friends, buy items, etc) and the game application itself. Having two applications is annoying for several reasons, one of these being the volume control in windows. At times you’ll want to lower the game volume if you’re chatting to friends on skype, and as it stands now, you have to separately control the client volume and the game volume.
  • Introduce a log out button. Sure, Riot discourages the use of owning and playing on multiple accounts, but people have and will continue to play on multiple or “smurf” accounts as long as trolling continues to occur during the champion selection process. Riot needs to bite the bullet and save additional requests to the servers by providing a simple log out button somewhere in the client
  • Queuing for matches could be much better. Right now, if you queue for a match and a person declines, it will take you back to the main client home screen. This is particularly annoying if you were in the middle of browsing the store, checking your stats or doing anything of importance in other areas of the client. Instead, if a match fails, you should receive a non-intrusive pop-up that does not disrupt your current location in the client
  • Full screen mode
  • An intelligently designed lobby and party system that allows you to arrange a group of people to join queues or custom games with

The overall state of the client is pretty abysmal. Enough so, that community members are banding together in an effort to create 3rd party solutions that would interface with the pvp.net servers and bring a more streamlined experience to those looking for it.

2Better in game statistics


The current statistics provided by the official client are simply lacking any depth and usefulness. It seems odd that we have to turn to 3rd party websites, such as LolKing, to look up meaningful statistics like match history, win / loss ratios per champ and current season stats.

Please, Riot, take the time and implement better statistics into the client itself, look towards the StarCraft II in-game statistics if you need examples.

3A first party replay utility


As it currently stands it’s impossible to replay and watch your previous LoL matches without using a 3rd party utility. The current solution is to use the LOLRecorder tool provided by leaguereplays.com, but even this has its problems. There’s no guarantee that the utility will work after patches to the game and the utility itself can sometimes glitch out and not work as expected.

It is understandable if Riot do not want to have a fully integrated solution, but they should at least consider working with the leaguereplays.com people to improve their tool and keep it updated. A partnership between the two would mean that the utility would have more compatibility and would secure regular updates for the utility as LoL changes and grows.

4Custom map support and builder


Often times, you’ll get sick of playing ranked or normal games and turn to playing a few ARAMs to close out your gaming session. How cool would it be to also have a selection of user created custom maps to choose from?

I’d love to see what types of cool mini-games the programming community could come up with if they had the tools made available to them. Micro map custom games would be one of the more serious modes that would genuinely help with improving your skills with one particular character or game mechanic.

Not to mention, LoL was heavily inspired by the WarCraft III custom map, DotA.

5More servers


Being a resident of Australia has its ups and down. One of the major downs is that the internet here is less than ideal. In a recent interview, TSM’s TheOddOne stated that the playing experience on Australian ping was “awful” and remarked that he was constantly averaging above 200 ping. He also noted that while playing in Australia he had lost over 100 elo and was forced to stop playing ranked matches during his visit.

The LoL eSports scene has a much greater chance of growing if Riot decided to strategically deploy a few more servers around the globe.

6Multi monitor support


This feature is requested in a mostly tongue-in-check fashion and isn’t expected to ever come to fruition. That being said, how cool would a triple monitor support look with the main game on the middle screen, a constantly opened store on the left screen and a giant mini-map and stats on the right screen?

That’s it for this list of ways to improve League of Legends. But do you have your own ideas on how to improve the game or are you happy with its current state? Let your thoughts be voiced in the comments section below!

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