Top 10 F**K Yeah Moments From The 7th Generation


The end of the current console generation draws nearer with each passing day. It’s hard to believe that by the end of this month entirely new systems will be out, picking up where their predecessors left off. This console generation was no stranger to some of gamings more poignant moments. I mean, for crying out loud, Journey came out in the current console cycle.

But, I’m not here to celebrate to the tearful goodbyes, the “good on ya” handshakes or some of the more beautiful moments of years past. No. I’m here to celebrate the moments that many of us live for. The moments in which power and the exercise thereof reign supreme, moments where your adrenaline is pumping; moments containing such badassery that you cannot help but jump up off your couch, screaming “F@!K YEAH!” as you triumph over your foe. Without further ado, here are the Top Ten ‘F@!K YEAH’ Moments of the 7th Generation.

10Completing your first song on expert in Rock Band

There’s just something about rocking out to your favorite song on expert in Rock Band, something that gets your blood pumping. The crowd is jumping, cheering you on in louder and louder waves, your Crow Hyper+ meter erupting your fans in an orgy of rock n’ roll euphoria. You are a Rock God.

9Surviving your first platinum match in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer

At higher levels of play, Mass Effet 3’s multiplayer isn’t screwing around. On platinum, the already fast-paced action gets even more chaotic. It requires an incredible amount of focus and near-flawless play from everyone involved. Roars and shrieks from boss enemies ring out from across the map, grenades and biotic detonations go off with deafening frequency. Throw some Two Steps From Hell on and you’ve got the makings of one epic, truly epic, time. Complete it on platinum, and you have earned yourself a couch-jumping “F@!K YEAH!” moment.

8Your first tactical nuke in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Granted, it sucked being on the receiving end of the tactical nuke, but if you managed to be a good enough player—or become one through untold hours of playing the game—and earned one of these bad boys on your own merits… well, there was little keeping you from kicking back with some whiskey and a cigar, a smug look of self-satisfaction breaking on your face as you whispered “f@!k yeah.”

7Defeating Smough and Ornstein in Dark Souls

Dark Souls plays host to a number of “f@!k yeah” moments, but there’s something special about smiting Smough and Ornstein. If you were playing the game when it first came out and were stumbling through the world of Dark Souls trying to figure out what strategy worked best against certain enemies and foes, you probably had a hard time with Smough and Ornstein. If you didn’t, you’re obviously some kind of Obi-wan gaming savant, sent back in time to show us the light. Striking the final blow to Smough or Ornstein really was a moment worthy of the “f@! yeah” top ten list.

6Battling Augus… on the moon… to Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony in Asura’s Wrath

Never mind the fact that the end of this battle has you slicing Augus in two with a kitana you’re holding in your mouth because he cut off your arms in the course of the battle… no, never mind that. This entire battle is bunch of smaller “f@!k yeah” moments wrapped inside one big ass “f@!k yeah” burrito. It’s one of the craziest, most epic boss battles of this console generation, and when you finally spill Augus’s guts on the moon’s surface you can’t help but think back on the entire battle as worthy of a “f@!k yeah.”

5Discovering all the different ways to assassinate people in Assassin’s Creed II

There’s just something about that sound… you know the sound I’m talking about. The sound of your assassin’s blade sliding in and out flesh in near-total silence. It’s one of those video game actions that you can really feel. Landing a clean, cinematic assassination kill on an enemy you had been stalking for 10 minutes was one of the most badass things you could this generation. Aerial assassinations provided moments particularly worthy of a “f@!k yeah.”

4Beating the shit out of Zeus in God of War 3

Zeus is a little piece of horse feces. I don’t think there’s a gamer out there who didn’t take particular delight in pummeling his face in. Complete with an epic setting, epic characters, epic music, and epic violence, the Zeus boss battle was played to many a shout of “F@!K YEAH!”

3Halo Assassinations

An artfully landed assassination in Halo 4 can be likened to losing one’s virginity. It’s something that you hear about constantly, and when you finally experience it for yourself you completely understand what all the hype was about. There is little more satisfying than singling out the one asshole in the match who has been smack-talking you the entire time, stalking him and then shoving a plasma sword through his backside, yelling “F@!K YEAH” as his body falls limp and lifeless to the ground.

2Slaying your first dragon in Skyrim

Let’s be honest, this is something everyone who has been a part of gamer culture has dreamed about at some point or another. Just the fact that Bethesda finally gave everyone the ability to see their dream become a reality is, in and of itself, worthy of a “f@!k yeah” as far as I’m concerned. I can’t think of little more badass than the experience of slaying your first dragon. Fire comes hurtling at you from the sky as you manage to barely get an arrow off. The cultish chants of civilizations long since dead ringing out accompanied by epic drums. Finally, the beast comes to the ground with a thunderous smash and you land the final blow. You… you are Dragonborn, my friend.

1X-Ray moves in Mortal Kombat

I remember when I first saw the x-ray moves for Mortal Kombat. I sat in a catatonic state several hours afterward, rendered deaf, dumb and mute by the assault of badassery that had just happened to me. I also remember the first time I performed one in the heat of battle. I literally jumped from my chair and lunged toward my television while screaming “F@!K YEAH” at the top of my lungs. There may have been an air fist pump in there too. Like the assassinations in Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 4, you can really feel the x-ray moves in Mortal Kombat thumping into your control. Your hands manage to feel the hits as if you yourself were experiencing the hits, the camera pulling in and chronicling the complete annihilation of ligaments, organs, and bone. I really have nothing else to say other than “F@!K YEAH!”

There it is! If you have any “f@!k yeah” moments that weren’t highlighting in the list, drop a line in the comments section!

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