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You’ve probably seen ‘Top Five’ lists of the hottest female video game characters on nearly every website you’ve ever visited. But what about the guys? Whether it’s a totally unrealistic set of washboard abs or a general bad-boy attitude, there are some pretty attractive men in gaming. Here’s the top five!

5Geralt of Riveria

Long white hair, glowing yellow eyes, welcomed shirtless scenes and passionate determination land Geralt from The Witcher in fith place, amongst other things. Admirable aesthetics aside, he’s a remarkably driven being, with a stubborn but coherent and respectable code of ethics. He’s also expectedly brave, and (depending on how you play) is generally on the look-out for the lesser evil in the moral quagmires he faces, making him a bad-ass-good-guy.

Geralt uses his charm and charisma to his advantage to help talk people out of fighting even though it’s his profession, to talk men out of wars he’s not involved in and to help those in need, even if they don’t offer him anything. He’s a professional monster hunter who can’t be bought and who refuses to change his ideals no matter whom he surrounds himself with, making him the classiest, most worthwhile butcher in existence.

I’d also just like to mention that he’s totally immune to disease and cannot reproduce, which would’ve been a dream come true in the era he lived in. And seriously, those eyes…


With the way Sephiroth holds himself, his wings (just me? Nevermind…), his purpose and the way he speaks, he may have been the man who inspired me to write this list, upon replaying Final Fantasy 7. He is visually striking, a pain in the ass to fight (which only makes him more impressive) and actually has a few awards to his name – being the 32nd best character in Guinness World Records. He’s also the most powerful member SOLDIER has ever seen and doesn’t fall much short of a God. With a beautifully written back-story, his confidence becomes arrogance and his disappointment becomes pure, unrestrained hatred. His ambitious determination, however evil, is remarkably attractive.

The way Sephiroth speaks, the way he carries himself, and his oddly charming arrogance alone make him worthwhile of mention. But there is also the constant sexual undertones in the majority of his dialogue. That doesn’t hurt.

3Andrew Ryan

Aside from being fairly old (which also comes with being suuuuper rich) the guy designed his own underwater city in Bioshock and Bioshock 2. Imagine being the lucky man/woman who married Andrew Ryan – you’d get your own damn suburb underwater! Okay, okay, attractive riches aside, the way he is introduced in the original Bioshock is incredibly alluring. He’s a figure whose name is plastered on the walls, his quotes can repeatedly be found in audio tapes and he’s received a little short if a saviour. Even then, his personality has incredible force, his visions so clear that the city wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without him. Rapture is Andrew Ryan, and Andrew Ryan is the passionate, political mad-scientist whose controversial views are easily excused.

Upon meeting him… Well, I don’t want to give away what happens, but it’s hard not to admire him entirely, even if he is a villain. I don’t know if it’s just me, but power, knowledge and ambition are three hugely attractive qualities that Andrew Ryan takes to the next level entirely. He’s just hugely influential to the world in and outside of the game.

To leave you with some of his brilliance: “We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”

2Nathan Drake

Yeah, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake is the first deviation from a ‘bad boy.’ His character was modelled off Johnny Knoxville, but I don’t think many would argue that he’s significantly better looking – even with the pixels. Aside from the chiselled jaw and subtly wonderful physique, the treasure hunter makes the list because of his uncanny charm and that irreverent, roguish sense of humour.

Drake is the kind of man who’s showcased in hopelessly romantic 80’s films, but with a flair for adventure, a sarcastic-but-not-annoying edge and an attractive amount of confidence. Aside from definitely being a little bit of a loveable jerk, he has a heroic attitude – the attitude of a winner. He’s not overly “macho” and he’s rarely in control, but that vulnerability is only but endearing. There’s little that’s not attractive about Nathan Drake.

1Ezio Auditore

Ezio, aside from being a mass-murderer, is what so many women really want from a modern gentleman. It’s a shame Assassins Creed 2 – Revelations are predominantly set in the 1500’s, eh? Once again I’m just going to get this out of my system – he and Desmond Miles were designed using a shockingly handsome French-Canadian model as their template. Add the scars on the lips and a life of climbing buildings and fighting templars, you’ve got one damn attractive man. What Ezio has up on Desmond is an accent I didn’t even know I found appealing (those Dolmio ads were misleading), a beautiful nature, wits, wealth, power and a will to die for the greater good.

Ezio is actually introduced in Assassins Creed 2 as being a bit promiscuous, but he isn’t presented distastefully so. The vague sex scenes lightly scattered throughout the franchise even manage to stay true to his personality. He’s totally humble and compassionate, regardless of his absolutely amazing endeavours. He’s constantly calm and collected, precise, his assassinations always end with an explanation or at least an official, sympathetic goodbye. He runs an international criminal organisation dedicated to saving mankind, yet still finds the time to write to his family and give their safety loving priority. He restores entire cities without any need to, regularly scatters coins to aid the poor, treats courtesans with as much respect as any other human being and always maintains an uplifting, positive attitude.

Old-man Ezio (or Oldzio, as I like to call him), may be the most charming old man I’ve ever encountered in my life. Half way through Revelations he goes to fetch some lilies for the woman he loves regardless of the war he’s the centre of… Ezio Auditore da Firenze, you make my heart sing.

And one extra –

0Your dad in Fallout 3

Because … Liam Neeson.

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