Top Five Most Dynamic US Presidents in Gaming


With the election only just wrapping up, I would like to take some time out and reflect upon some of the most dynamic American presidents that have appeared in video games. These gentlemen – and I use the term out of politeness – all have a number of traits that wouldn’t be inappropriate for any aspiring statesman.

5President John Henry Eden (Fallout 3)

Now President Eden is a rather interesting case as he wasn’t elected at all. He’s actually just an artificial intelligence in charge of a group of malevolent fascists and he certainly intends to release a bio-weapon upon the Capital Wasteland to ‘purify’ it. So why is this genocidal, unelected killbot on this list? Surely the opposition isn’t that incompetent? For one simple reason:

The man (or sentient computer as it were) can talk. Oh how he can talk. Warm, paternalistic and full of gravitas, he sounds just like you’d expect a great President to sound. John Henry Eden has all the dignity and speaking ability of a truly great statesman. Especially if you consider that his opposition would likely be a bunch of half baked savages roaming a blasted post-apocalyptic wasteland. With his superior presence I feel fully justified about putting him on this list. Although his politics leave much to be desired … *cough* genocidal computer *cough*.

4President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Call of Duty: Black Ops)

Not at all fictional, and indeed one of the most iconic presidents in US history, his appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops was very interesting. Not so much in his role as fodder for a brainwashed Sam Mason, but as one of survivors of an impending Zombie apocalypse. Yes, JFK’s appearance in Zombie map “Five” was rather brilliant and just what I’d want out of the Commander in Chief.

Capable of mowing down an army of flesh eating undead whilst tossing out one liners in that distinctive New England accent? Calmly head-shotting every ghoul that comes within range? Surviving the Zombie apocalypse with Nixon and Castro? That shows the strength of character, quick wit, steely nerves and genial personality I’d want the leader of the free world to have.

3President Mike Haggar (Final Fight / Marvel vs Capcom 3)

Now this is cheating somewhat as Mike Haggar is best known as being the Mayor of Metro City. However, his ending in Marvel vs Capcom 3 results in his ascension to the White House (with Iron Man as his vice president, no less). After all, a politician that saved the world by beating the world-eating universal threat Galactus? I think that tops war heroes in terms of popularity.

So why would you want Mike Haggar as a President? Well, he’s a President that gets things done. Often on his own if need be. When he was Mayor of Metro City, his beloved daughter was kidnapped by the Mad Gear Gang. Rather than bow down to extortion he proceeded to show that he was as tough on crime in action as he was in rhetoric. You’ve gotta admire a politician that will lower the crime rate via spinning lariats, powerbombs and leadpipes. I’m not sure what he’d do with the economy though.

2President Michael Wilson (Metal Wolf Chaos)

Now this leader will be particularly obscure, especially considering that Metal Wolf Chaos was never released in the West. However it looms large in the minds of many (thanks to YouTube), as rarely have we seen anything like it. But don’t take my word for it, rather than attempting to explain the sheer insanity of Metal Wolf Chaos to you, I think it’s best if you witnessed it for yourself.

There are no words. No words that can truly convey the spectacle. But while Metal Wolf Chaos is completely ridiculous, President Wilson’s devotion to America is not! When the country has been enslaved by the villainous VP Richard Hawk, it’s up to the commander in chief in hop into a battlemech and SAVE AMERICA! WITH BURNING JUSTICE!

With that kind of devotion to the ideals of freedom and democracy, as well as the willpower and ability to single-handedly restore both, how could you not support President Michael Wilson?

1 President Max (Sam & Max)

And finally we have President Max. This list has been devoted to the most dynamic of Presidents, and there are none more dynamic than him. A former TV star, current freelance police officer and all time “hyperkinetic rabbit thing” Max is a daring visionary who foresees a bright, if terrifying future for America, as well as a return to a simpler, if terrifying, time in America’s past.

Charismatic, bold and more than a little crazy, you can be sure that inactivity would never be a complaint levelled at President Max. As a lateral thinker, he’d have unconventional solutions to the many problems that the nation faces. Indeed, his plans to strengthen the economy are something that we could all look to for guidance in these uncertain times.

Could any other video gaming President save the economy by messing with everyone’s perception of time? I think not.

So what are your top five US presidents in gaming? Got a favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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