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The School Of History: Sylvester & Tweety: Breakfast on the Run


Back in the 1990s, when Nintendo still ruled the land, there were all manner of irrelevant games that tried to tie into movies or TV shows. It seemed that if a developer had an idea but couldn’t work out how to market it, it’d just slap an instantly recognisable figure on the box and hope for the best. In 1998, Sylvester & Tweety: Breakfast on the Run was released, an isometric platformer that was fun, but lacking in both context and relevancy. Read More »

The School Of History: Vinyl Goddess from Mars


In 1992 Epic MegaGames threw their hat into the lucrative platforming ring with Jill of the Jungle, now fondly remembered alongside the likes of Duke Nukem and Commander Keen as a fine slice of platform history. Three years later, a mildly raunchy spiritual successor to Jill called Vinyl Goddess From Mars was developed by a company that no one had ever heard of, and no one would ever hear of again. Read More »

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