An Interview with Matt Mocarski, Art Director on Wildstar

Remember when World of Warcraft used to be good? It was a long while ago so I’ll give you a minute to remember back. It should be around the Burning Crusade era – when raids were hard and that guild sense of community you spent so long fostering actually meant something. I remember all that, quite fondly.

But there may be hope for MMORPGs yet. It might interest you to know a developer by the name of Carbine Studios is currently creating a ‘hardcore’ MMO called Wildstar. What is Wildstar and why does it stand out amidst the sea of MMO mediocrity? We previously ran an article on it so we’d recommend go and check this out then come back here.

Done? Awesome.

Anyway, while we were at E3, we had the chance to take our questions straight to the source and spend some one-on-one time with Wildstar’s Creative Lead and Co-Director Matt Mocarski.

Now, as thrilling as the chance to chat with a member of the Wildstar team was, Mr Mocarski made it very clear before the interview that E3 wasn’t really the place for the Carbine crew to go unveiling epic new information. They had a small presence at best and were just looking to push their brand a little and test the game in an open setting. So no crazy world firsts. What I did get, however, is a little insight into how the game came to be and what directions they plan on taking with it in the near future. Enjoy!

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