Borderlands 2 Charity Marathon Video Diary


There are some moments that prove that not all gamers are solely obsessed with potato chips and the ass groove in their couch. Some individuals instead try to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than themselves. And this is why we had the Borderlands 2 Child’s Play Charity Event.

From 6pm on Friday September 21, the good folks at rawDLC decided to set up a four player co-operative marathon of Borderlands 2 that would be live streamed in it’s entirely from start to finish. But a near 48 hour effort such as this cannot be don’t alone, so thankfully the load was lifted by some industry friends including personalities from Gameplanet, GameArena, AusGamers, Kotaku and Geek Bomb.

They were also joined by … us! Yes, tasked with the 6am to 9am shift on Saturday morning, we arose at 4am, ready to loot, shoot and lie on love sacs. Want to know the best part of it all? Well the first is that rawDLC team raised just over $3000. A commendable effort if you’ve ever seen one.

The second is that we documented it all on glorious video. Go check it out! It’ll be like you were there, without the 4am wake up.

A big shout out to both Dave and Josh from rawDLC and congratulations to a wonderful effort!

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