OzHadou Nationals 11 Wrap Up


If you’re a follower of the fighting game community here in sunny Australia, chances are you’re familiar with the annual fighting game tournament OzHadou Nationals. As Australia’s longest running fighting game major, players from all over the country gathered in Sydney from Feb 22nd to the 24th to duke it out at the 11th national event.

Weren’t able to make it in person or witness the live stream craziness that went down? Well, lucky for you, we’ve cut together a nifty little video highlighting some of the more memorable and heart-stopping moments of the competition. From Solid Stefs epic comeback with NefeliousG, to Arnold Desu’s grand finale winning moment against Antman we’ve captured it all.

So grab a drink, sit down, relax and get hype!

Be sure to check out the official OzHadou website for all the latest happening in Australian fighting game scene!

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