Slender Is This Generation’s Greatest Horror


Trading the psychological thrill of built suspense in favour of balls-to-the-wall action is a hot trend in the horror genre at the moment. With both Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 having gone AWOL from their original roots, the amount of titles that can truly be described as ‘survival horror’ is rapidly decreasing. Here to fix all that is the creepy-ass game Slender.

Developed by indie studio Parsec Productions, Slender is based around the Internet myth of ‘The Slenderman.’ Your goal is simple: collect eight pages, with no weapons, amidst a dark misty forest. But you must do all this while still trying to avoid the ever illusive Slenderman.

Don’t be fooled with the fairly simplistic premise though. It’s the minimalist approach in design that makes Slender work so well. No fancy Direct X 11 tessellated graphics, no convoluted narrative or characters. Just a straightforward goal, coupled with some excellent sound design and the incredible fear of the unknown. We won’t spoil too much too much for you, but we can gladly say that Slender is easily one the most terrifying games released this generation.

So turn out the lights, pump up the volume and enjoy, as we try to collect all eight pages and stop the Slenderman!

You can download Slender on PC for free over at

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