Sydney Breaks Record for Largest Screen Used in a Gaming Tournament


Admit it, you’ve all had the dream of playing a video game in your local cinema. The thundering surround sound, along with the massive, encompassing screen is something that simply can’t mirrored at home. Well then, how does playing Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the world’s biggest screen sound? Last week, the Dusty Cartridge team, along with 400 other Tekken fanatics got the chance to do exactly that at the IMAX theatre in Sydney.

As part of IGN AU’s latest Black Beta event, fans got the chance to battle it out for a position in the Tekken European Champions which is being held in Paris later this year. We witnessed some insane match ups on the night, however coming out on top was Mario Theodorus, who blew away the competition with his King and Armour King team.

In addition to the tournament, Namco Bandai also dropped a Guinness World Record into the books for ‘Largest Screen Used in a Video Game Tournament.’ Given that the Sydney IMAX theatre is the largest screen in the world (measuring at 29.42m high and 35.73m wide) it’s a safe bet that Namco have this one for the long run.

So what’s it like playing a game on the IMAX screen we hear you ask? Absolutely incredible. We’re convinced that any sort of fighting game tournament belongs on the big screen. The energy in the cinema, the roaring crowd and the comebacks along with the gigantic screen simply went hand in hand with each other.

Lucky for you, we managed to grab some footage of the event so be sure check out the video below!

A big shout out to IGN AU and Namco Bandai for organising one of the most interesting gaming events in a while!

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