Video of the Week: Soulja Boy Reviews Braid


Watch Indie Game: The Movie and you will come to learn two things.

The first is that Independent game developers put themselves through an unbelievable hell for their passion, and for us.

The second is that Soulja Boy, he loves him some games. Or at least that’s what we gathered from a brief clip shown off throughout Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky’s stellar documentary.

Having no prior knowledge of this video, we were more than intrigued, so we decided to look into it. It appears as though Mr Boy and a bunch of his friends stumbled upon Jonathan Blow’s hit Braid and developed quite the amount of joy from its antics. Needless to say, so have we.

To say too much would be to ruin the pure delight of this post. So without further ado, enjoy this week’s Video of the Week.

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