Video of the Week: LITERAL Mass Effect 3 Trailer


Mass Effect 3 might be garnering a lot of criticism lately for its choice of ending, but the property still remains ‘so totally hot right now.’ Which leads us to this week’s video – Tobuscus’ ‘Literal Mass Effect 3 Trailer.’

For any of you unaware of Tobuscus, this YouTube star takes some of the most popular trailers in the video game world and overlays them with his own original song that quite literally explains what is happening before your eyes. While it all sounds terribly boring, what generally ensues is comedy gold and this Mass Effect 3 trailer is one of the best.

We can’t begin to image the amount of work that goes into creating these videos, but we’re very thankful Tobuscus has the time and imagination to do them. BioWare’s trailer was already incredible from the outset, but the attached lyrics make it an instant classic.

So pump up those speakers Dusty Cartridge fans and get ready to sing along. We dare you not to get this insanely catchy tune stuck in your head.

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